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Welcome to our Comprehensive and Preventive Patient Care

Welcome to ProDental of Fremont! Our practice is devoted to comprehensive and preventive patient care including family and implant dentistry, sedation dentistry, orthodontics, cosmetic dentistry, teeth whitening and more!

We proud to be a trusted name in oral health care for more reasons than one. Our experienced team believes that local residents deserve quality dental services from established dentists, and are dedicated to the health, satisfaction, and safety of all who seek our assistance. Whether one needs a complex dental surgery or simply a routine cleaning, we are here to provide every patient with superior dental service, care, and procedures that are appropriate for the unique patient.

State-Of-The-Art Dental Care

With the help of technology, dentistry has come a long way. With all the technological advances it is easier for you to see and understand what your dentist sees. With this new technology, dentistry is becoming safer and more comfortable for the patients. Not sure if your dentist is using modern tools and equipment? Read the list below to learn what some of the newest and best equipment is that dentists all over are using today.

Patients can also feel comfortable knowing that our dentist office features the best technology and equipment available. Our skilled and knowledgeable staff only uses the best materials and procedures during the treatment process, including many modern dental tools that help us enhance your dentistry experience. Dr. Tran and Dr. Pham, and their associates take several continuing education courses every year to stay on top of the latest innovations in our field.

ProDental of Fremont offering the following Dental Services:

Our significant dental professional experience is only one of many factors that have made ProDental of Fremont the most reputable dentists are Dr. Tran and Dr. Pham. From the moment one enters the waiting room to the time they leave the office, patients can feel comfortable knowing that our skilled experts are dedicated to their oral health, safety, and satisfaction. Our dental practice always provides the best service and care for all procedures, no matter if one is undergoing complex oral surgery or regular cleaning.

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'ProDental of Fremont' is committed to providing quality dental care to improve the health of the patient community in the city. Our dentist Dr. Tran and Dr. Pham has worked hard for 20+ years to master the art and science of dental medicine. Every patient is special to us and we approach every problem differently. Our focus on curing dental problems and preventing infection has been the reason behind the success of our dental office.

Our patients are saying...

"Best dentist ever. He knew exactly when I was nervous or in pain, I was very happy with my end results. Over the last 5 years or so Dr Tran has helped me sort out all my dental issues, and follow a plan to continue properly looking after my dental hygiene."

Sunny E.

"I absolutely Love my dentist! He is the best! I've been going to Dr. Tran for close to 15 years, and I have absolutely NO complaints about him."

Zoey Z.

"Dr. Tran is our long-time family dentist. We're all big fans of his work and professionalism. Trish, who also works there, is amazing. I lived out of the area for awhile and tried a couple of different dentists - none of them provided the level of service that Dr. Tran provides."

Lo P.

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